HBCU Digital Band Showcase: The Sonic Boom of The South


This week’s HBCU Digital Band Showcase takes a look at another blueblood of HBCU Bandom. The “Sonic Boom of The South” of Jackson State University is one of the most-watched programs in the history of the craft. The SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference) is home to arguably the most competitive environment in all of HBCU band culture. Within that framework, the Sonic Boom has established itself as one of the most entertaining band programs in the nation.

The program has been in existence since the 1920s and has seen a veritable who’s who of talented musicians. The Sonic Boom of today was the brainchild of Harold J. Houghton Sr., who was responsible for introducing the now-iconic trademarks associated with the sonic boom’s unique brand of halftime excellence. From the Tiger run on to the program’s now-famous nickname, he was a driving force behind some of the most visible standards of the program and he turned it into one of the biggest faces of HBCU athletics and culture. Whether it’s an NFL halftime or the 30th anniversary of Motown, the Sonic Boom Of The South is entertainment personified. This year’s edition of the band has the same swagger as editions past, as well as an extremely balanced sound to boot. The band has an extremely mature and balanced sound, and the on-field product is one of the best out there. The current program is under the direction of Dr. Roderick Little, who has put his own stamp on this storied program.

The meat of the season is here for football and rivalries abound. The same can be said for the bands. The Sonic Boom has a big one coming up in the  “BoomBox Classic“, with their opponent being none other than the Human Jukebox of Southern University.

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